Become a Master of Something

People who decide to start a business are my idols. It really takes some bravery and courage to go against the structure of our society and build something instead of working for someone else. There’s nothing wrong with having a career, in fact many truly enjoy going to their job every day, but entrepreneurs get to turn their ideas into reality and have full control of their employment. While this may scare some away, others rise to the challenge and end up creating amazing companies that are out here changing the world.
This is why I enjoy working with entrepreneurs – because I get a thrill from helping people find solutions so that they can then focus on what they do best, which usually involves providing some type of value to others. My goal has always been to help people realize that they don’t have to do it all and instead should only focus on doing what they do best. I think that we would be better off longterm if we applied the mentality of focusing on our strengths and ignoring our weaknesses to our career decision making.
This means that we shouldn’t learn to code or design websites if it isn’t something that we are interested in and/or don’t already know something about it. I am not saying to stop picking up any new skills, since this would go against any idea of personal development, but rather to not make it a priority and instead pay attention to what you’re already good at and become great. Small business owners who try to do everything end up dropping the ball in some areas and never really achieve the level of greatness that they would if they handed off some of those duties to people who are strong in those areas. In the same way, we sometimes end up limiting growth in our skill set by trying to learn about too many things at once and not taking the time to master one specific skill.
The best quote that summarizes my point and advice that I can give to others is to make sure that you’re not a “Jack of all trades, master of none.” Instead, become a master at one thing and let others know that you can do a really good job at helping them with that one thing. By getting specific with your services, people will remember you more easily when referring you to others. Plus, you will find that life is more enjoyable when we outsource the things that we don’t like doing/aren’t that very good at doing.

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