Find Your Greatness

“It’s not about the salary, it’s all about reality and making some noise.” – Fort Minor

There is a reason why we are all here. Every single one of us. You have to believe this and live it. Don’t get caught up in the world and forget that you have a bigger purpose besides working a full time job. You have to get up every day ready excited to take on the world!

Ask yourself this question every day: “If today were my last day on Earth, would I regret spending it how I am about to?” When the answer to this question is “Yes” more than three days in a row, you need to make a change because you are not getting the most out of your life.

I believe that I am supposed to take as many shots in life as I possibly can. I’ve said it before, but I live by the “you miss 100% of the shot you don’t take” motto. This is why the thought that something isn’t for me rarely ever crosses my mind. You should adopt this mentality as well. Although they may seem like just words, there is power in our thoughts and in how the world our interpretation of the world is shaped by the ideas that we feed our brain.

Don’t hold yourself back from greatness. There will always be tasks to get done. People to go visit. Etc. But we will never get time back. So make the most of what you have and create something amazing. Right now. Go on an adventure somewhere. Take on a new hobby. Let yourself grow into the person that you are supposed to be. Worrying about money is pointless. Live beneath your means and everything will work itself out.

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