Greatness on Display

The other day I was watching the highlights of a basketball game between Stephen Curry the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder where Curry had one of the most impressive one-man performances ever. He hit three-pointer after three-pointer (as usual) and won the game in over-time with a 30-ft shot as the game clock wound down. At the very end of the highlight clip, you can hear the commentator say the words “Stephen Curry’s greatness is on display right now!” It’s one of those statements that would go unnoticed if you’re not paying attention, but it really struck a cord with me.

The thing is, that got me wondering as to where in my life is my greatness on display right now? What area can I point to and demonstrate that I’ve dedicated myself and excel in?

This is one of the things that I miss the most about playing sports. When you have competition constantly motivating you, there’s no other option but to get better or end up taking a loss. I haven’t been able to find this same motivation in the grown-up world. Of course I aspire to be the best marketer and the best writer our here, but it’s not the same when there’s no “head-to-head” match. I’ve tried to make myself my own competition, but it’s not the same.

I mention all of that to say that I currently do not feel like I am displaying greatness in any areas and this is not okay with me. It’s not about getting acknowledged for me, I just want to focus my attention on a craft that I can become great at and that I also enjoy doing. It would be even better if it tied into a skill that enhances my career as well.

Being great at something and being known for it in your career will get you further than if you’re simply good at a lot of different things but don’t excel in any area. There’s a phrase that says “jack of all trades, master of none.” Don’t be a jack of all trades. Find something that you enjoy doing and excel at it. Let your greatness be on display.

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