Less Planning, More Doing

There are times when I wish that I was not always in “planning mode” and instead just stopped and let life take shape on its own. The problem is that I like to constantly be improving myself which usually leads to me trying to set numerous goals at one time. For example, just in the past week I’ve decided to record and put out a podcast with a friend, run in a 5k race next weekend and study for one of the most difficult tests out here. It is no wonder that I can’t ever manage to write every day like I’d like to be doing.

In one way, planning makes me feel like I’m being productive and “in control” of situations. However, the reality is that it also takes out a lot of the excitement of life as a lot of time my days feel like they are too structured. It is a battle that I constantly fight with myself and one that I am learning to accept. Going forward, I would like to focus more on setting goals without spreading myself too thin. My hopes are that this helps me continue to improve in certain areas while still allowing room for the randomness of life.

The point is that while setting goals is important, it doesn’t mean anything if all you ever do is plan. Planning is a great thing but we have to allow room for our plans to be executed. I’ve been using a planner that splits up your day between doing things that you love and doing things for money and I must say that it has helped me tremendously as it forces me to keep things in perspective when I decide to add them to my schedule.

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