Patience Is Key

The biggest issue that I have in my career right now is a lack of patience. I want to be way ahead than where I am right now. This is probably very common in my generation and I blame a lot of it on social media. Websites like Facebook and Instagram are constantly putting people’s life highlights in our face and as a result it frames this idea of the perfect life to live. For me, I am hypnotized by those who have managed to create a passive income lifestyle for themselves on the internet. I am a firm believer that passive income should be on everyone’s list of goals. Think about it: you can create something once and then sell it over and over again on the internet. I know I just made this sound a lot easier than it actually is, but my point is that making money that is not dependent on the amount of time that we spend doing something is the key to financial freedom.

My excuses for not putting forth the effort that it takes to create a source of passive income include not having enough time and lacking the right idea that will bring in a profit. As a result, I end up doing nothing. Or, I end up coming up with a random idea that I am not fully invested in and usually give up trying after a few days. But I am ready to get things moving. I have to because I want to create more freedom for myself and my family. I do not want to be limited anymore to the number of hours that I am working or to the decisions that other people make that impact my life.

I have not decided on exactly what it is that I am going to create, but I am definitely going to figure it out. But I have to be patient. There’s a reason why I am where I am right now and perhaps there’s a lesson to learn from it all. Plus, with school starting up soon, I most likely wouldn’t even have the time to build something right now. Rather than trip myself up as usual, it may be a good idea to just chill an observe for a little while. However, I am not going to commit myself to a final decision just yet – something tells me that the future has something big in store for me soon.

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